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Convenient and Flexible

RocketScore is a financial advisory business where we help our clients plan and manage their financial affairs. Our major purpose is to help individuals ...

Personalized Approach

We are committed to providing you with high-quality services. We tailor our plan of attack to your unique credit situation. Whether it’s a quick fix or a ...

Results Driven

We always tailor top-quality advisory services to our clients' specific financial situations. Because of the positive advice we give my loyal clients, ...


Frequently Asked Questions
Who can see my credit reports?

Our credit service specialists are the only ones who will see your credit reports.

How do you restore bad credit?

Once we have your credit reports, we then dispute the questionable items to the credit reporting agencies and creditors/lenders on your behalf. Any information the agencies or creditors cannot verify is removed. Any dispute not responded to within …

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How long does it take to repair my credit?

Every client is different, but generally, you can expect to start seeing some progress in 1 month, and a significant improvement in 6 months. Credit repair is a process and although we work quickly to repair your credit we can only move at the …

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